2016 Call for Makers Open!



Calling all makers, crafters, tinkerers, and artists: the application for the third annual Rochester Mini Maker Faire is now open!


On November 19th  from 9am to 5pm at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, join us as Rochester celebrates the act of Making with attractions, exhibits, talks, demonstrations, and performances showcasing the intersection of science, technology, arts, and crafts — many of them immersive and interactive.

Rochester Mini Maker Faire is calling for all makers to apply to exhibit what they love to do! Come out and show your creations to thousands of curious attendees and meet fellow makers. Our application is open; we encourage you to apply early: http://bit.ly/RochesterMiniMakerFaireApplication2016

What is a “maker”? Everyone is a maker. People who create, tinker, and craft. People who are artists, scientists, engineers, inventors, and students. Anyone who enjoys making things. And you’re all invited!

Rochester Mini Maker Faire attracts a broad array of people and exposes them to technology, art, and engineering. Dan Schneiderman, co-chair of Rochester Mini Maker Faire and NYS representative of the White House Nation of Makers Initiative, says,  “Maker Faire brings everyone together: from kids to grandparents, artists to engineers, professionals to hobbyists. Anyone with a passion for making.”

Rochester, with its history of creativity and invention, is an ideal place for a Maker Faire. Last year’s event showed a wonderful range of creativity:

  • A bridge made of hundreds of balloons that all participants could contribute to
  • CNC machines, 3D printers, and other leading edge inventions and technologies
  • Movie costumes and props made by a 14 year old, and other young maker booths
  • Hands-on robotics
  • A Giant Seesaw that everyone played on
  • Illuminated electric violins that created light shows as they were played
  • Board and computer games created by Rochesterians
  • Areas where attendees created their own cardboard structures, took electronics apart, and created new covers for old books
  • Soldering workshop with an electronic badge that attendees were able to take home
  • Student projects from local schools and colleges
  • The crew behind the Making It Podcast talked to us about making


This year we anticipate an area for fire arts. Additionally, the “Dark Room” will be back with light-based art.

The Rochester Mini Maker Faire celebrated its first event in November of 2014 with over 90 maker exhibits from across Western New York and 1,500 visitors of all ages in attendance. In 2015, we had 115 maker exhibits and approximately 3,000 attendees. We anticipate even more growth this year, and space is limited, so we encourage you to apply early!

Acceptance Dates for Makers

  • Early acceptance: Sunday, September 4
  • Round 2 acceptance: Sunday, September 18
  • Round 3 acceptance: Sunday, October 9
  • Final acceptance: Sunday, October 23
  • Late applications only accepted under special circumstances.


Ticket information
Tickets are not on sale yet. We’ll be announcing this soon on our website, Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us!

Adventures in DC: Our Trip to the White House


In early June, I was invited to represent New York State Maker Movement at the White House for the National Week of Making. On the Thursday evening before the meeting at the White House, the small group of us (Pat Rapp, my wife, and myself) were all set at the airport waiting to board our flight when my wife noticed that our flight had been canceled. Seconds later, I rush up to the front desk, the official announcement goes out that all flights to the DC area have been canceled due to weather. The attendants said that the earliest flight out would leave at 5:30 on Friday morning, but there would still be a chance of delays. After talking it over, we decide to cancel all of our flights, pick up our luggage, hop in the car, and start driving to DC.  After all, it was only a 6.5 hour drive according to Google Maps and was still light out at 7:30 in the evening. The drive was fairly uneventful. We had already had dinner, and traffic was next to nothing due to the late hour. We ended up checking into our hotel at 2am. Thankfully, with 3 of us we were able to take shifts driving allowing me to catch some sleep before the big day.

Kicking off at the White House


Before heading to the White House, several maker representatives and I met up for coffee a few blocks from where we had to go through security. After the fact, it did hit us that we never said what we looked like before the meet up. However, we were lucky enough that one of the representatives wore his Maker Faire badge, which acted as a magnet for the rest of us. Upon entering the room in the the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House Grounds, we were greeted by Andrew Coy, the Senior Advisor for Making for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and then sorted by region. At the table where I was seated was Ryan Reedell from New Jersey, Simon Hamermesh from Delaware, Kristina A. Holzweiss, the founder & director of the SLIME Maker Expo, and a few members from various Federal agencies.

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2016 Rochester Fringe Festival Plans!

We’re excited to announce that we will be redefining the concept of a “Green Room” for the 2016 Rochester Fringe Festival!

We’re planning a Green Room that will be constructed of recyclables. It will be 20ft by 40ft room and constructed of almost 5,000 milk and water jugs. Inside the Green Room, you’ll be able to sit on furniture made of pallets beneath a chandelier made of recycled olive bar containers (the kind you get at Wegmans).

We’re building the walls in 4ft by 8ft sections (153 jugs per section). We’ll need 5 sections for the smaller walls, and 10 sections for the larger walls. The jugs will be held together using hot glue, nuts, bolts, and a few other surprises.

Now we need your help! Can we have your 1 gallon water and milk jugs so we can build this amazing structure? Please drop off the jugs at the Rochester Brainery near Village Gate.

We would also like to invite you to join our build crew! In late August or early September, we’ll begin building. Airigami has kindly offered up their new space, located at Made on State, as the build location. If you’re interested in helping us build the structure, or in becoming a drop off location, send us an email (rochesterfaireinfo@gmail.com) or sign up for our email list here:http://bit.ly/RMMFGreenRoom

Invited to the White House!



We’re excited to announce that we will be representing the New York State Maker Movement at the White House kickoff for the National Week of Making tomorrow!

Be sure to follow all of our social media accounts as we will be posting photos throughout the weekend.

We will be staying in Washington DC for a few days after the kickoff to meet makers and other Maker Faire producers all from all over the country at the National Maker Faire. Huge thanks to our friends and mentors at NYSCATE for sending us.

Save the Date! The 3rd Annual Rochester Mini Maker Faire is November 19th, 2016.

Save the Date! The 3rd Annual Rochester Mini Maker Faire is November 19th, 2016.

We want to thank all of you again for attending the second annual Rochester Mini Maker Faire last year! This year’s Rochester Mini Maker Faire will be taking place on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, so save the date!

If you’re interested in being a maker in this year’s faire, our application will open in either mid-May or early June.

Photos from last year can be found on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

If you can’t wait for the Rochester Mini Maker Faire to get your maker fix, we recommend visiting our friends at neighboring New York Mini Maker Faires:


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to become a maker or anything about this year’s faire.


2015 Rochester Mini Maker Faire Quick Roundup



First of all, thank you for being part of the 2nd Annual Rochester Mini Maker Faire! Saturday was an was a tremendous success, far more than we could have imagined! We are so thrilled that everyone could make it out – all 3,000 of you!

Be sure to keep following our site as we will be posting some of our favorite stories from this past weekend here after Thanksgiving.

If you have any photos from the faire, feel free to share them with us! We have already started to post our photos up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ll probably have all of our photos posted within the next few days. If all goes as planned, we should also have the talks, along with other footage, up on YouTube later in the week. You can find us at:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RochesterMiniMakerFaire

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rochmakerfaire

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rochesterminimakerfaire/

Thank you once again for being a part of Rochester’s 2nd Annual Mini Maker Faire! We’re already starting to make plans for next year’s event. We should hopefully know more details within the next few months. If you would like to give us any direct feedback, feel free to reach out to us at anytime at rochesterfaireinfo@gmail.com.

Talks Schedule

The Rochester Mini Maker Faire is just 5 days away! We’re already pumped and can’t wait for Saturday to come. To help get you pumped, here is our schedule of talks that will be going on during the faire:

9:00 AM – Doors Open

9:30 AM10:30 AM: Tree Creations with Joseph Ferrero

11:00 AM12:00 AM: Airigami with Larry Moss & Kelly Cheatley

1:00 PM2:30 PM: The Crew from the “Making It” Podcast — Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett, David Picciuto, and David Waelder

All talks can be found upstairs from the main floor. Just take the escalator or stairs by Airigami’s creation and follow the signs.



Joe Ferrero is building a unique, whimsical, and ever expanding treehouse village in his backyard and he invites everyone to call him up and come over to play. This is not a business; it’s his family’s backyard playground. Joe started Tree Creations on January 28, 2012 with a castle themed tree house. Other tree houses would also be connected with rope bridges and ziplines. It has expanded with an automobile (1946 Triumph 1800 Saloon), a veranda, a village square, a tea room, a wizard’s den, and the World’s Smallest Chapel. The present tree houses under construction include a “Doctor Who” Tardis themed elevator (to assist people that may be “ground bound” to get to tree house level), a 40 foot long pirate ship, and a music themed tree house, with many more planned.




Larry Moss began his career in 1985 as a NYC street performer, but has gone on to display his amazing air‐filled art in over a dozen countries on four continents. His achievements have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, CNN Headline, PBS, Smithsonian Magazine, American Profile and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Moss has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, NBC’s “Today” and at the White House, and has set two Guinness World Records. Larry is the author of many published ballooning books and founder of BalloonHQ.com, a resource that services the balloon industry and communicates with over a half‐million visitors annually. Larry also has a degree in applied math and computer science, as well as a master’s in elementary education. Building community through his large‐scale art creations is of particular interest to Larry, and was the focus of his 2009 TEDx talk in Rochester, NY.

Kelly Cheatle loves creating in any medium. She received her Design degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a minor in Illustration and a major interest in every studio elective she could find. Her diverse knowledge of traditional materials and image‐making techniques has given her an appreciation for texture and dimensionality, even in digital formats. When given an opportunity to work with balloons during Balloon Manor 2006, she was excited about a new medium for creating artwork. Now, as a partner in Airigami, her design sense and illustration background have helped to take it in new directions.