Ways to View Our Makers

We have been working with multiple ways to get you the list of our Makers for the Rochester Mini Maker Faire.  Below are the different ways that you can view this information. (These lists are subject to change.)

Detailed With Project Description

1. Maker Number, Project Name, Project Description, Project Website Address (URL), Maker Category, Organization/Company, and Twitter Username (without the @) Here: http://bitly.com/10dSE0J

2. You can also download the above Google Doc as a Excel File Here: Makers 2014 Rochester Mini Maker Faire

Simplified By Category 

3.  You can view them sorted by Category (without a description) and Project Name, Organization Name, and Website Address right here on this very website. http://makerfairerochester.com/meet-the-makers/allmakersbycat/

4. You can also download the above list as a Microsoft Word File here: Makers By Category Simplified


Maker List 2014 and 3rd Community Meeting.

In case you missed it earlier, here is our big news of the day:

* Tentative list of Makers for the inaugural Rochester Mini Maker Faire!http://bitly.com/10dSE0J

* Our 3rd community will be this Saturday October 25th 2014 at the Rochester Makerspace starting at 11:00am – http://on.fb.me/1t2gEPl

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Maker List 2014 – Rochester Mini Maker Faire

Here is the current list of Makers. Keep in mind we do not yet have all of their agreement forms back, as many of them just received the acceptance letter on October 19, 2014.   We are at capacity.

http://bitly.com/10dSE0J (here’s the long URL just in case the short one is blocked in school -


VTVQWGdxR0ZyMDRhREE&usp=sharing#gid=0 )

Call for Makers Closed

Our Call for Makers is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications to be Makers at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire! We had just over 90 applications submitted.  You will start to receive acceptance notices shortly.

Everyone should expect a list of ALL accepted makers, and talks by the end of next week. It will be a tentative list as it will also include those that have not yet sent their Maker Agreement form back to us.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Mini Maker Faire next month. Only 37 days till then!

October Call For Makers

October has STARTED????  That means . . . . that means  . . .. there’s only a few days LEFT to get your application it to have a Booth or Give a Talk or Performance at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire!!!!

Let me make a few of things clear.
1. You don’t have to live in the city of Rochester to apply. If you can drive here you can apply here.

2. You do NOT need to be a professional. If you are a child (you do need to have your parent apply for you) that does tons of Papercraft, or painting, or robotics, and you want to share what you do . . we’d love to see you apply. If you are a tinkerer and have never really shown the world the things you create or alter/hack NOW’s the TIME!

3. We are getting close to 60 applications, and we would like to FILL the first floor of the convention center. We can take in a lot more. IF you know of any artisans or craftsmen, tinkerers, hackers, robotics oriented people, or whatnot please encourage them to apply. If your local school does anything like this stuff . . give them a big push to apply and share.

And there are some benefits to having a spot at the Faire. Makers can get up to 8 free tickets for their booth. If you only need a couple of people to man your booth, then you can take shifts and still have a chance to enjoy the Faire. You also can pass out business cards, and make new friends and connections.

Deadline October 15!!!
Apply Now! http://makerfairerochester.com/call-for-makers/

Community Meeting PowerPoint & Confirmed Maker List

This is the PowerPoint that we used at the Community Meeting that was held on Saturday the 27th at the Rochester Makerspace. Feel free to take a look.


This list is Confirmed Maker List as of 9-26-2014. It has 37 Confirmed Makers. It does NOT include another 9 Makers that have been accepted, that we are waiting on their Maker Agreement Form. It also does not include another 6 groups that have verbally confirmed they will be submitting.

Nor does it include 4 commercial makers that are on hold UNTIL we get more regular Maker Booths (remember we want under 20% commercial – those that are selling items at the faire). All told, this will put us at 56! We can fit in comfortably about another 40 give or take depending on setup requirements. We also have room for more talks, if you’d just like to do a 45 minute presentation rather than have a booth.

K-12 Schools are highly encouraged to apply. There are many MakerEd programs in schools (even if they don’t call it that) and YOU are way under represented so far!! In addition to the 8 Maker Tickets, K-12 will be eligible to purchase a limited amount of extra tickets at a discount (contact us) – provided all work their district booth for at least 2 hours.


The Deadline to submit is October 15. Just 17 days away. Get your application in now!


Some Brief Updates

1. This Saturday, Sept 27 is our next community meeting. 11:30 AM at the Rochester Makerspace. Agenda includes a tour of the Makerspace, social networking time, and an update of the Rochester Mini Maker Faire.

We will be discussing promotion ideas, the faire day schedule, the venue layout and signage, showing the materials that just came in for our soldering workshop, and we will preview the complete current list of confirmed Makers. There will also be refreshments.

2. Speaking of Makers, we are now up to 46 applications, and our partners put us up to 50! So we are at about 50% or more capacity. Space is filling up!

3. The deadline for application submissions is October 15. Make sure to have yours in soon. http://makerfairerochester.com/call-for-makers/

Second Community Meeting Scheduled for Sept 27th

Join us for our second community meeting!

Sat, Sept 27 at the Rochester Makerspace at 11:30 AM.

850 St Paul St, Rochester, NY 14605 starting 

The meeting will comprise of Updates: including our current list of accepted Makers, volunteer opportunity information, Q & A time, a tour of the Rochester Makerspace, networking meet and greet time, and food and fun.

You don’t have to RSVP to join us, but it would help to make sure we have enough of everything.  

We hope to see you there!

Rochester Mini Maker Faire Committee

Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and postings.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rochesterminimakerfaire

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rochmakerfaire

Meet the Makers – Round One

Today we are proud to announce our first 20 confirmed Makers.  We will be adding to this list as we are currently waiting on paperwork for 8 more accepted applications, and we are still waiting on YOUR submission to be at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire.

Please take a look at the current list located here: http://makerfairerochester.com/meet-the-makers/.  We hope that you see it offers a very divers set of Makers alread.  Why not add your voice to the mix and complete the Call for Makers application.  We would love to have you at the faire.  The application is open for Makers of all kinds, ages, and affiliations.

If you don’t think a booth would do you justice, then perhaps submit to give a 45 minute talk or presentation about what it is that you create?  We have lots of space left for those that would like to be part of this event.

We hope to see you there!

Another Door Prize

Today we have a new In-Kind Sponsor. iDesign Solutions -http://www.idesignsol.com/ . They will be at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire with a hands on robotics activity. And they are donating a brand new VEX IQ robotics starter kit for our prize drawings. This kit retails for $250.


Their exhibit sounds great and this is a wonderful prize for any budding robot enthusiast.

You must be at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire to win so get your tickets now before prices go up. Early Bird pricing is in effect and lets you get tickets for a substantial discount of at the door sales.

A single Early Bird single ticket is $5. That same ticket will be $12 at the door.

An Early Bird Family Pass is only $20 and it admits 2 adults and 3 children ages 5 to 18. That same exact family pass will cost $45 at the door.

In ALL cases, children under 4 are free with an adult.

We want to make this event as affordable as possible for everyone to attend and bring the family. It’s great for kids to be exposed to the creative side of life, and can truly be inspirational and eye opening for everyone. Get your tickets here: http://rochesterminimakerfaire.eventbrite.com/