SAVE THE DATE – 2015 Second Annual Rochester Mini Maker Faire

The 2015 Rochester Mini Maker Faire will be held on Saturday November 21, 2015 from 9 AM to 5 PM.

We are pushing to make the Rochester Mini Maker Faire bigger and better than last year’s faire.  We are taking into account feedback that we have gotten from our Makers as well as attendees that took the time to complete surveys.    Thank you all for the great feedback as it helps in planning for the 2015 faire.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the months, weeks, and days ahead.

The Rochester Makerspace posted a ton of photos from the first Rochester Mini Maker Faire on January 11th, 2015! These photos are really well done by Tharin Maddox.  Check them out at:

Also don’t forget to see our other collections of photos from the Rochester Mini Maker Faire that can be found at the locations below.  Let them all the photos be an inspiration as we begin planning for the 2015 Rochester Mini Maker Faire.

Our official photos taken by the amazing Ria Tafani! We highly recommend working with her. Find them here.  You can request prints

Photos taken by Co-Chair Antonio Scordo including before the faire photos.  Find them here.

Photos taken by Co-Chair Daniel Schneiderman.  including before the faire photos.  Find them here. 

Featured Maker: Shawn Dunwoody

One of the Makers that we would like to feature is Shawn Dunwoody.

Taken from Facebook

Shawn Dunwoody

Shawn is a maker that you will find, along with his work, everywhere around Rochester. On top of helping organize the Greentopia Fashion Week, creating viral videos, and bringing arts to inner city school communities, he is often found painting large works of art in downtown Rochester. His work is usually based around a quote, either from a historical figure, a phrase often heard, or a suggestion from a local resident. Shawn often has volunteers and school groups help him out.

Photo taken from  M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence on Facebook

Photo taken from M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence on Facebook

We have met up with him on a few occasions when planning Rochester’s first faire and have been greeted by a mind that is just filled with beautiful images. Images that not only make the snowy Rochester area a beautiful place, but art to improve and inspire lives.

Photo Taken From Facebook

Photo Taken From Facebook

At the Rochester Mini Maker Faire, Shawn will be bringing a 40’ by 5’ canvas for anyone attending to help paint. He is using the phrase “Make art everywhere!” as a jumping off point for the event. When you meet him at the faire, you will be welcomed with so much positive energy that it will be impossible not to smile.

Photo from Hart's Local Grocers

Photo from Hart’s Local Grocers

Don’t be surprised if you find a paintbrush in your hand within seconds of walking up to his booth. We can’t wait to make more art with him and the rest of the community.

2 Days Away! Get your Tickets Online and Save Money!!

Hello everyone!

We are putting the finishing touches on the Rochester Mini Maker Faire so it has been a very busy past week.  But we are happy to say that we are only two days away and everything is looking good!

Just a reminder that over 80% of our booths are absolutely free to participate.  We do have a little less than 20% that are selling items that they have made.  You may want to do a little shopping and beat the Black Friday rush while at the Faire.  Regardless we want to save you money on the entrance fee.

The Advance Tickets are heavily discounted from the at the door price.  Where else can you take the entire family, 2 adults, 3 kids ages 5 to 18, and kids under 4 are free . . for just $30 for a Family Pass?    At the door the price goes up to $45!  Save $15 for your family and buy the ticket online.  You get a PDF that you print out, and we simply scan it at the door.  It will also speed your entry as you won’t have to stand in the line for ticket purchases.

The Advance single ticket is $7.  At the door it is $12!  You can save $5 per single ticket by purchasing tickets online!  And just like with the Family Pass, you will get into the Faire faster through the ticket scanning line.

Get your Online Tickets Here 

Rochester Mini Maker Faire Updates!

View the most up to date and accurate list of our makers  with descriptions and links to their websites by using this link:

Download the Rochester Mini Maker Faire Map.  Ideal for printing double sided!  We will have a few thousand copies available NEXT WEEK at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire.

Rochester Mini Maker Faire Map 2014

We hope to see you next week at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire!


Maker Updates

We have a few minor changes in the Makers that will be attending.  A few have decided not to come, and we’ve added a few others.  We will be updating the lists as soon as we are able.  The current list is about 98% accurate with the changes.

In the meantime …

The Rochester Mini Maker Fair is just days away! And it looks like we can now give a more accurate picture about the number of booths and talks.

Provided we do not have any unexpected cancellations, we will have 93 maker booths and 6 maker talks/presentations.

Some of the booths are very large and will offer multiple exhibits and interactive activities. Especially booths such as RMSC, RIT, TakeItApart, Zest for Art, University of Rochester, Simplified Building, Connect a Million Minds from TWC, the Monroe County Library System, RARA, MCC, Hummingbird Makeshop, the Physics Bus . . and I could just keep going and going and going.

Get your tickets while they are cheap!! YES, you can buy them at the door, but why pay $12 for a ticket, when you can pay $7? Why pay $45 for a Family Pass when you can pay $30?

Call for Makers Closed

Our Call for Makers is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications to be Makers at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire! We had just over 90 applications submitted.  You will start to receive acceptance notices shortly.

Everyone should expect a list of ALL accepted makers, and talks by the end of next week. It will be a tentative list as it will also include those that have not yet sent their Maker Agreement form back to us.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Mini Maker Faire next month. Only 37 days till then!

October Call For Makers

October has STARTED????  That means . . . . that means  . . .. there’s only a few days LEFT to get your application it to have a Booth or Give a Talk or Performance at the Rochester Mini Maker Faire!!!!

Let me make a few of things clear.
1. You don’t have to live in the city of Rochester to apply. If you can drive here you can apply here.

2. You do NOT need to be a professional. If you are a child (you do need to have your parent apply for you) that does tons of Papercraft, or painting, or robotics, and you want to share what you do . . we’d love to see you apply. If you are a tinkerer and have never really shown the world the things you create or alter/hack NOW’s the TIME!

3. We are getting close to 60 applications, and we would like to FILL the first floor of the convention center. We can take in a lot more. IF you know of any artisans or craftsmen, tinkerers, hackers, robotics oriented people, or whatnot please encourage them to apply. If your local school does anything like this stuff . . give them a big push to apply and share.

And there are some benefits to having a spot at the Faire. Makers can get up to 8 free tickets for their booth. If you only need a couple of people to man your booth, then you can take shifts and still have a chance to enjoy the Faire. You also can pass out business cards, and make new friends and connections.

Deadline October 15!!!
Apply Now!

Community Meeting PowerPoint & Confirmed Maker List

This is the PowerPoint that we used at the Community Meeting that was held on Saturday the 27th at the Rochester Makerspace. Feel free to take a look.



Some Brief Updates

1. This Saturday, Sept 27 is our next community meeting. 11:30 AM at the Rochester Makerspace. Agenda includes a tour of the Makerspace, social networking time, and an update of the Rochester Mini Maker Faire.

We will be discussing promotion ideas, the faire day schedule, the venue layout and signage, showing the materials that just came in for our soldering workshop, and we will preview the complete current list of confirmed Makers. There will also be refreshments.

2. Speaking of Makers, we are now up to 46 applications, and our partners put us up to 50! So we are at about 50% or more capacity. Space is filling up!

3. The deadline for application submissions is October 15. Make sure to have yours in soon.